I have worked as a freelance content writer for several English and Arabic magazines in Egypt on monthly basis for years. Here are some of the magazines that I have been working for; English magazines: Euphoria, Magnificent Lifestyle, BreakTime, Coctail and Eighteen Plus. Arabic: Ehna, Marina Rayeh Gai and Saif Book (Arabic) Managing Editor I have worked as a managing editor for 2 years in Marina Rayeh Gaye magazine in Egypt, a weekly magazine produced in the summer season, ten issues per season. I was responsible of providing the entire content, editing the provided content to match the magazine guidelines, working closely with the design and illustration team to produce the best artworks possible that match the content, proofreading the magazine prior to printing and doing the final QA. The magazine had achieved a great success in my time and I was interviewed by Rotana channel (Rotana Cafe' TV program), please watch the interview here,
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What stands me out of other colleagues? I am a gifted writer with a strong knowledge and a very extensive experience in my specializations. I know how to write before I gain my knowledge and translation experience. This is why I am praised for the style. I always give this "smooth" text that readers can enjoy .

BA in Translation

I studied English literature and translation for four years in unversity and I obtained my BA in 2007 to start my translation career afterwards.

MITI, ATA & ISO Qualified

I am ITI certified since February 2016 and ATA associate member since 2013. I am also ISO 17100 qualified translator since August 2020.

Fully Equipped

No need to convert your files to make them translatable. I will help you through the entire process to have your final files translated and read-to-go.

Translation Services According to ISO 17100:2015 Standards

Some of my long-term clients