Video Games Localization

We localized dozens of video games already. You can see a list of the video games that we have localized in our profile. Our solid experience in the video games’ localization is not the only reason that makes us stand out in the subject field. We are gamer who own every gaming platform. We enjoy playing video games in our spare time. Our experience in gaming helps us a lot while localizing a video game. Even if there is no reference material available, we can already visualize the in-game text and understand the text’s context. We also have been through a lot of challenges in video games’ localization, from the lack of references to the gender neutrality requirements.

Throughout the years, we developed our own terminology that can be understood by the gamers.

We are active members in the Arabic community of gamers. Therefore, we understand their language and we will localize your video game in the gamers’ language.

BA in Translation

I have studied translation and editing at the Higher Institute of Languages in Cairo, Egypt to hold my BA in Translation and Editing in June 2007 when I started my career as a full-time professional translator one week later.

MITI & ISO Qualified

I always consider the moment I obtained my MITI, as a Qualified Member of ITI after a very long and a tough test in 2015, as one of my best moments. I also obtained in 2019 my accreditation as ISO 17100:2015 Qualified Translator.

Fully Equipped

Fully equipped with knowledge, experience and technology. I have MemSource, memoQ, Trados Studio 2015, Wordfast, MS Office, Adobe CS and much more, all licensed and all latest versions of these software..

Translation Services According to ISO 17100:2015 Standards

Some of my long-term clients