Why me?

The English into Arabic translation is highly competitive. According to what I see on ProZ.com, that once a job is posted, the number of bids reach +50 in an hour or maybe less. You already know about my experience, credentials and education, right? But, why would you choose me? What would me stand out among my peers who work in the same language pair?

    1. Extensive Experience
I have been working in the translation field since my graduation. I worked for 8 years as a full-time translator before I start my freelance path. I learnt the hard way. I received feedback from more experienced translators, I was guided to be learn, I was like a sponge that absorbed everyone’s experience in a short time. I was rewarded, I was confronted, I was promoted, and I finally decided to work on my own after I believed that I am more experienced than the most of other translators in the market.

    2. Management
I have been working for a longtime on my own. This forced me to learn how to handle everything from A – Z. I am familiar with most of the major CAT tools in the market, not only as translator, but also a project manager. I make the lives of my project manager easier. I am advanced user of terminology and translation tools. I can work with most files’ formats and I will usually return your work in the original format as needed.
     3. Writing Talent
Iwas praised by many clients for my writing skills and how accurately I can deliver their message. I listen, I understand, then I write the content that meets your needs. I do not hire anyone to create my content, I create it myself. I know how to write fluently and make every material feels original and exciting for the readers. Bear in mind, I surely write better in my native language, Arabic.
    4. Quality Assurance
I explained earlier that I learnt to manage my own work from A – Z. Quality assurance is a part of my management process. I learnt to divide every deadline into three steps. First, I create my schedule based on your turnaround, then I create two deadlines for myself. The first deadline is when I finish the translation ahead of the actual deadline. The second deadline is where I finish proofreading, reading the output on its own, run the QA tool and check the files in their final format prior to the final delivery.
    5. Commitment
I am highly committed to my work. Work is not only what I do for living, but it is something that I enjoy doing. I am always available to answer my client’s answer on the email, over the phone or even WhatsApp after the work-hours. I have access to my email as long as I am awake. I cannot ignore my emails’ notifications and I cannot ignore my clients’ emails. I check my email, I read it and I answer it immediately. I might not be able to resolve the issue on the spot, but I will give you the peace of my mind that I am always around when you need me.
    6. Knowledge and Will to Learn
I already have a solid background in a lot of subject fields. I never stop learning. If you have your own specific requirements, like a specific CAT tool, I will happily learn it in a very short time, and I will never bother to face any challenges along the way.
    7. Resources
I was lucky to get introduced to some of the most dedicated translators in my language pair. I can set-up a team for you if you need me to handle a big project for you in a short time frame. I am only working with experienced and committed translators who will never let me down. I am an anxious person when it comes to work and when a client counts on me to get their job done, I choose the best resources that I have tested their services already in long years. Give me a call whenever you need a team to handle your work.
     Do you need more reasons?
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BA in Translation

I have studied translation and editing at the Higher Institute of Languages in Cairo, Egypt to hold my BA in Translation and Editing in June 2007 when I started my career as a full-time professional translator one week later.

MITI & ISO Qualified

I always consider the moment I obtained my MITI, as a Qualified Member of ITI after a very long and a tough test in 2015, as one of my best moments. I also obtained in 2019 my accreditation as ISO 17100:2015 Qualified Translator.

Fully Equipped

Fully equipped with knowledge, experience and technology. I have MemSource, memoQ, Trados Studio 2015, Wordfast, MS Office, Adobe CS and much more, all licensed and all latest versions of these software..

Translation Services According to ISO 17100:2015 Standards

Some of my long-term clients